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"Be the best company to enhance your home by elevating the customer experience."

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At Painterati, we understand you take great pride in your home and the way it looks. We also know that getting the job done goes way beyond the “after photo” when the project is finished. Yes, the end result is part of our goal, but the real goal is to satisfy our customers. We believe that the most important part of delivering an elevated customer experience is how well we communicate with our customers.
Transitional Living Room by Maple Grove Paint & Wall Coverings Painterati


Our communication process starts the moment you call our office. Our Customer Service Representative will begin by get information about your project, such as possible color schemes. After answering these questions our team will be able to better understand and evaluate their approach to your project before even seeing the canvas itself. After confirming your free in-house consultation, you will receive an appointment email verifying the time and location of the consultation.
Traditional Kitchen by Maple Grove Paint & Wall Coverings Painterati


During this part of the Painterati experience, you can expect the sales associate’s full attention. He or she will listen to all your requests, concerns, and goals for the project. With our expertise in the field, we will assist you in picking the best color, finish, and style for your home.
Traditional Kitchen by Maple Grove Paint & Wall Coverings Painterati


Throughout the project we will keep you up to date on the progress of your home, as well as be available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the project. In addition to our communication with you, we continue to communicate with on-site employees on the progress of the job. No matter what stage you are in the project, you can expect that all Painterati staff members are working in sync with your project goals.
Transitional Dining Room by Maple Grove Paint & Wall Coverings Painterati


When your home is complete and you’re satisfied with the project, you can expect a call from us asking how the job went and if you have any questions. We will also send over “Care Instructions/Craftsmanship Notes” for your new products and finishes. In the end, you will end up with a home you love, and we will end up with another happy homeowner.
Transitional Exterior by Maple Grove Paint & Wall Coverings Painterati
Through our customer service program, we continuously work to improve and exceed both the customers’ standards, as well as our own. To learn more about why Painterati should help you with your next home project, click here. Not your Average Painter
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