Who is Painterati?

Our Story

Who is Painterati? I am so happy you asked! We are “The Painting People!” Painterati is a division within Brush Masters, Inc. Brush Masters is a family owned business that was established back in 1986 working primarily with new construction builders. As the years went by we realized the needs of our customer base was growing. In 2009, Painterati was established to create an experience around our homeowners, allowing us to give them a level of service that would leave them ready to love what they have!

This prompts us to ask you a few questions…

  • What are the most important things when you are hiring someone to perform work in your home?
  • How often do they get things right?
  • How did they handle the situation when things may have gone wrong?

    If you called and asked any company that has been in business for 20+ years they would likely tell you, things have gone wrong. People are not perfect, mistakes happen… However, it is how we resolve the problems that not just defined our future potential but to also build a notable brand.

    Our Core Values

    “I always say, I can’t guarantee we will be perfect but I can guarantee we will make it right!”

     - Jessie M. Otto, President


    Our Promise

    At Painterati, we understand you take great pride in your home and the way it looks. We’ll help you carefully plan upgrades to your home’s finishes and meticulously carry out your wish list.

    When you work with Painterati, you’ll have a positive experience from the first contact through the final clean-up and inspection. We’ll assist you in choosing the right paint color or finish to achieve the look you desire and minimize the apprehension that often comes with making a decision related to your home. We’ll do our best to limit your inconvenience and clean-up. When we’re done, your house will be consistent with your vision and your lifestyle – modern, stylish and fresh. You’ll be proud of the results and excited to show off your home to your friends.

    With the introduction of InstaRati, our instant scheduling, flat rate, time-saving tool, we are proud to bring a new level of efficiency, transparency, and convenience to your doorstep, allowing you to create a beautiful home without sacrificing your valuable time.

    Peace of Mind

    We strive to provide a profound peace of mind. You will be confident you made the right decision and have implicit trust that we will do our job neatly and well. You will be delighted as you see your vision become reality and will be eager to recommend Painterati to others.

    You’ll benefit from using Painterati in a number of ways, including having a beautiful home transformation with minimal inconvenience. Imagine a new wall color or colors, a fresh finish on your kitchen cabinets, a change to your deck stain, newly enameled woodwork. Whatever your project, we’ll get it done promptly with excellent communication during each step. No need to watch over us to monitor our quality – we’re on top of the details. And just in case you have a concern, we warranty our workmanship. In the end, you’ll feel it’s money well spent.


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