Kitchen Cabinets-- Update with Enamel

Your cabinets are beautiful - they are well made, in great shape and are exactly what your kitchen needs. The only problem is you've grown tired of the color. Cherry and Oak cabinets were trendy additions to kitchens in the 80's & 90's, but they now feel dated and out of style. Instead of the costly expense of replacing them, why not enamel them for a fresh, clean look. Update for less!

Below are before and after photos of cherry cabinets that needed refreshing. The homeowners loved the cabinet style, but if they hadn't, we could have replaced the cabinet doors & drawers with a style they found more appealing.



  • From Cherry to Clean White Cabinets
  • White Kitchen Cabinets balanced with warm wood tones on the stools and a dramatic black Kitchen Island
  • White Kitchen Cabinets balanced with warm wood tones

Enameling is an easy and cost effective way to transform your kitchen space without having to spend mass amounts of money on replacing perfectly good cabinets. While the process is performed throughout a couple of weeks, the results speak for themselves. If you would like to see more of our work, or have any questions about the process check out the links below or give us a call.

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