Top 5 Considerations when Hiring a Painting Contractor


Quality is the top priority when selecting a painting contractor to paint your home's walls & ceilings, woodwork and exterior. After all, if you're going to invest in updating your home you want nothing short of excellence in finishes and durability. Quality happens when you hire experienced, reputable firms with an excellent process. It has a price tag, however. If you select a contractor that meets these standards, you will receive value for your dollars, whether you plan to remain in your home for years or plan to sell soon.


Experience matters. A firm that's been in the business for many years is done with rookie mistakes and has honed their processes and relationships with clients and vendors. They often can adapt & problem-solve in ways that newer firms cannot based on their connections and in-depth knowledge of products and technique. They also are wise-enough not to take shortcuts. A well-connected, local firm can refer you to other top quality vendors in the business such as those providing countertops, flooring, lighting, etc., making your home improvement project less time consuming.

An experienced contractor should be aware of the trends and can help you select finishes that are timeless, trendy or specific for your particular need. They should also advise you on the sheens to use and which products will be the most durable.

Specialization is another consideration - if you're having your cabinets enameled for example, look for a contractor who provides that service day after day and knows the tricks of the trade. Ask to see examples of their work.

Look for a firm that is bonded and insured. This is an important safety net should something out of the ordinary occur.

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Your home is your sanctuary and a team of painters should respect that. A great contractor understands their clients and will work around their schedules, pets, children and will protect other areas of their home. Look for a firm with minimal staff turn-around and employees that have many years with the firm. Sub-contracted crews are popular in the industry - if they are to be used on your job, look for a crew that has been working for the contractor for many years and ask about their communication process to ensure that your desires reach the crews applying the products.


Process is a big consideration. Look for a contractor that explains the timeline, products to be used, access to the spaces being finished, smell and what to expect during the process. Excellent prep is key - the best contractors protect flooring and bag off any elements (walls, ceilings, woodwork) that are not being finished with industry-best protective papers & plastics. High quality painters finish doors, cabinet doors & drawers, shelving, etc. off site at pre-finish shops. They provide clean environments where products can be applied and allowed to dry with fewer blemishes.

If you are having your cabinets enameled, learn the process the painter uses. Great quality comes from a focus on the small details such as sanding, vacuuming and filling grain in layers. Top-rated primers, paints, enamels, stains & top coats add to a quality finish.

Timing is also important - ask about the timeline for finishing and how often that timeline is met. Enameling kitchen cabinets, for example, shouldn't have you out of your kitchen for more that 7-10 working days, except under unusual circumstances. Find out if the company staffs appropriately per season to keep lead times to a minimum.

Quality checks are essential. Inquire about the quality process when considering a painting contractor. Excellent finishes are the results of many eyes double checking the details.


Painterati, a division of Brush Masters, meets the high standards outlined above. We are a family-owned, local (Maple Grove, MN) company that has been painting homes for over 30 years. Many of our painters have been with us for 10+ years and are very experienced in enameling cabinetry and other woodwork, painting walls, ceilings & exteriors, and refinishing front doors & garage doors. We're competitively priced with excellent, quality finishes. We take pride in our communication and explanation of our detailed processes and provide quick timelines to reduce the time you are out of the spaces being updated.

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