Painting Kitchen Windows

When updating stained woodwork in a home, we often get asked about whether or not the kitchen windows or pantry doors should be painted when we enamel kitchen cabinets. The answer is - it depends! Design elements to consider include:
  1. Are the windows/window casing adjacent to cabinets that are to be painted?
  2. Is there a significant amount of stained casing around doors and windows in the kitchen that the windows would match to?
  3. Is the pantry door in the middle of the cabinets?
In general, there is often a delineation between the area being enameled and the rest of the home that becomes clear when you step back and review the space. Our sales consultants have years of experience in helping you make a decision on which elements should be painted to create the most cohesive look.

Stained Window Option with Enameled Cabinets

In this kitchen, the amount of stained doors and windows near the open concept kitchen, combined with the fact that the windows are not attached to the cabinets, made the case for leaving the windows stained instead of enameling them along with the cabinets.

Enameled Window Option with Enameled Cabinets

For this kitchen, the lack of nearby stained woodwork and the fact that the windows are adjacent to the cabinets, was an endorsement to enamel the windows in order to create the most cohesive look. For more kitchen inspiration check out these posts! Ideas for Windows
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