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The Italy's Tuscany region is well known for its beauty, food, wine, and culture. The Tuscan kitchen is a mixture of Italy's natural elements and rustic textures. Follow these delicious steps to create Painterati's Popular Kitchen Style - The Tuscan Kitchen:


Tuscan Kitchen - Color Scheme {Mediterranean Kitchen by San Antonio Architects & Building Designers Michael G Imber}

The color schemes in a Tuscan style kitchen feature the colors of the region, which are rich and earthy. Include bold yellows, rusty reds, burnt oranges, deep purples, and natural browns in your Tuscan kitchen to create an earthy palette in your kitchen.


{Traditional Kitchen by Naples Kitchen & Bath Designers Angie Keyes CKD}

Include many light-colored, natural stone materials, like marble, limestone, and granite. Also, include a kitchen island with a wood-surface countertop to add more natural elements to your kitchen. Lastly, any surface that is matte or distressed, or that suggests a “well-used” kitchen is perfect in a Tuscan style kitchen.


Natural-colored brick or colorful, vintage tile is perfect for a Tuscan style kitchen. For a complete Italian look, add a Tuscan tile mural to your backsplash. Brick-style travertine tiles as well as square travertine tiles mixed with diamond-shaped tiles work well in these rustic, Tuscan style kitchens.


{Mediterranean Kitchen by Santa Barbara General Contractors Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.}
Install tumbled stone or tile to make your kitchen floor to give your Tuscan kitchen a rich, Italian feel. For a wood floor, consider distressed wood plank flooring to make it look antique. To completely transform your kitchen, add a mosaic board to your stone tiles.


{Traditional Kitchen by San Anselmo Kitchen & Bath Designers Susan Lund}
Tuscan kitchen cabinets are predominately made of quality wood that is stained to rich brown colors. Cabinet doors tend to have raised panels and decorative wood accents such as ornate hoods, shelves, and cornices. Corner cabinetry and cabinets with under lighting typical feature glass-paneled doors. Ornate iron, bronze, copper, and brass are metals used to complement the wood cabinetry to create the original Italian feel.

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