Popular Kitchen Styles- The Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens are known for their extraordinary detail; from large hoods, to furniture-like cabinetry, to putting legs on your island. Here are some ways to identify traditional kitchens--one of the popular kitchen styles over the last few decades.

Elements of Traditional Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen by Saddle Brook Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Salerno's Kitchen ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS: The traditional kitchen focuses on details and layered embellishments. Everything from arches, moldings, beam ceilings, framed and raised-panel cabinets, a custom hood surround, chandeliers, furniture-styled cabinets, and island legs.
Traditional Kitchen by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects CABINETRY: Flush inset or framed cabinets are associated with an Old World way or furniture-style way of building cabinets. These raised-panel doors and cabinets are the signature look of traditional kitchens. This means that you can see the frame around the doors, along with the hinges, which are typically in silver, oil-rubbed bronze or even antique brass. The cabinets found in this style of kitchen usually have a glaze or specialty finish that makes the cabinets look aged or distressed.
Traditional Kitchen by Minneapolis Kitchen & Bath Designers Sawhill Kitchens FINISHES & STYLES: Traditional kitchens often use multiple finishes. The style or color on the perimeter might be different than the finish on the kitchen island. All-in-all, this kitchen style is all about mixing and matching different finishes and styles.
Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Degabriele Kitchens ORNATE & DECORATE LIGHTING: Brass chandeliers, lantern-style lights, and other lighting options that are usually found in a dining room, are found in traditional-styled kitchens. This trend is certainly less Old World, since kitchens were not used like there are today. This lighting option giving the kitchen a more comfortable, livable area.
Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Venegas and Company FURNITURE-STYLED CABINETS: Cabinets that don’t look like cabinets are a big hit in traditional kitchens. Having a cupboard or refrigerator that looks like a hutch is a fun way to keep your appliances hidden.
Traditional Kitchen by Wellesley Kitchen & Bath Designers Divine Design+Build DECORATIVE CABINET DOORS: Glass, wood, or mesh inserts are all detail options in a traditional kitchen. Consider adding more ornamentation to your kitchen with carvel corbels or brackets and apply molding between cabinets.
Traditional Kitchen by Frederick Interior Designers & Decorators Meredith Ericksen SINKS: Farmhouse sinks are another signature element in traditional kitchens. Even though this type of sink can be found in other kitchen styles, the farmhouse style is popular with traditional and classic kitchens.
Traditional Kitchen by Phoenix Interior Designers & Decorators Palm Design Group COUNTERTOPS: Quartzite and light granites are popular choices for traditional kitchen countertops. Even thought marble is a more high-maintenance choice, it has an Old World feel that continues to be popular throughout the years. Any honed or non-shiny finishes on countertops seem to be more traditional, although polished stone does occasionally show up in this style of kitchen.
Traditional Kitchen by Northfield Architects & Building Designers Mandy Brown HOODS: Metal, plaster and stone hoods with molding and corbels and popular in traditional kitchens.

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