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{A Week In Review}

Kitchen Styles

Popular Kitchen Styles in 2015 - Contemporary

Contemporary and modern kitchens are difficult to distinguish between. For a kitchen to be contemporary, it needs to include then latest design trends and materials. Here are some features of a contemporary kitchen...

Popular Kitchen Styles in 2015 - Traditional

Traditional kitchens are known for their extraordinary detail; from large hoods, to furniture-like cabinetry, to putting legs on your island. Here are some ways to identify one of the popular kitchen styles of 2015 – the traditional kitchen...

Color of the Week

Get Ahead With A Little Red

Since this weekend is the Fourth of July, why not celebrate by having red as the color of the week? Learn how to show off your American pride while adding a pop of color in your home with Painterati’s Color of the Week.

Trend Watch


Painterati's Brass HardwareWhen picking out new fixtures don’t make up your mind too quickly about brass, because BRASS IS BACK! The brass fixture has become a classic and has been reinvented for a modern and sophisticated look! These fixtures are sleek and glam, and would be a brilliant accent for your bathroom or kitchen.

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