See What The Crew Has Been Up To

See What The Crew Has Been Up To

{A Week In Review}

Popular Kitchen Styles in 2015 - Transitional Kitchen

The transitional styled kitchen is a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary design. Mixing both the warm, welcoming feeling from a traditional design with the clean, simple lines of a contemporary design.

Blues & Other Hues - Color of the WeekBlues & Other Hues

Adding colorful interiors can be overwhelming, but limiting the color to a single accent wall or to room accessories, such as pillows and chairs, is a good way to incorporate the color without becoming too overwhelmed. Using a colorful wall as an accent, or focal point, in a room is a good way to decorate the room, while keeping the color scheme consistent with the home.

Stop Being A Bore. Get A Barn Door!

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.13.33 PM

What has been used in recent years in small spaces that couldn’t accommodate a swinging door is now becoming a popular trend in all spaces, both big and small. Barn doors are not only being used in small spaces, but are actually being used as decorative pieces that also act as barriers between rooms, or as cabinets that hide rooms and other items in a home.

Before & After Photo of the Week!

Kaihoi before collage resized Kaihoi after collage copy resized

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