Minnewashta Pkwy Garage Door Refinishing

Level 4 Garage Door Refinishing

For this garage door-refinishing project, we used Painterati's Level 4 Complete Garage Door Refinishing Service. The first thing we do for this project is stripped the old stain from the door(s). Once the old stain has been removed we bring the sample to our Color Matching Expert, who creates a stain custom to the homeowner's garage door. We then repair any minor cracks in the wood and then lightly sand the entire surface to ensure the new stain will have a clean, polished look. Now time for the stain! Our Painterati stainers then add a custom, color matched stain to the garages and front door. On top of the stain we apply two clear coats of maintenance urethane finish to help prevent any future damage to the woodwork. Once the last finish coat was dry, we place a small bead of exterior-grade caulk on the inside surface joints to prevent any moisture from penetrating the woodwork causing future damages. Lastly, we lightly sand and repaint any visible exterior door hardware and clean up our job site to leave the home with new, beautiful garage doors!

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