Metallic Home Accents are Everywhere this Fall

Mixed metals have been a strong trend in plumbing fixtures and they're popping up in the rest of the home as well. Light fixtures, furniture and our personal favorites: matte metallic walls and metal paint on cabinets and doors. Below are a few photos of some examples of interesting options - be sure to check out our video: Metal Door Being Painted to see a deep blue metal front door in process. The after photo is below. specialty finishes, metal, Painting metal is a challenge that for unexperienced homeowner can easily go wrong. While you can research and watch videos, when it comes to painting an expensive object like a door, you should leave it to our professionals. Our team has tested various methods of painting metal so ensure we are using the most accurate and efficient technique is used on your items. We have a workshop where we paint objects, it is best to do it here as we ensure there are not interferences in the painting process. While this takes more time, it prevents homeowners from having to deal with fumes. For more ideas - check out this article about the metallic accents that are trending.
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