Wendy- The Marketing & Design Specialist with Painterati!

Wendy is our Wisconsin connection with a passion for color & design. As a graduate of the University of Minnesota, she has extensive experience in the construction industry. Her experience includes project management, client home interior selections and specialty finish application. As our in-house Lead Design Consultant, she is a great listener. She helps translate our clients words, photos and ideas into the right color and design. She can also help design custom finishes that reflect individual style. Wendy can create the right combination of products to execute design concepts. Undoubtedly, she truly loves what she does and especially enjoys creating an inspiring, collaborative design experience for her clients. Along with planing and design, Wendy runs all marketing aspects for Painterati. She is in charge of social media posts and email communications. Wendy is known for being friendly and helpful. As well as being friendly and helpful she is filled with great ideas! Painterati considers ourselves lucky to have Wendy on our team and is excited with what she has to offer in the future. Check out some of Wendy's work on customers home project designs and color choices here. For inspiration on home design options reach out to us today or visit this link!
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