Joe- Painterati's Favorite Project Manager

Joe has been transforming homes with Painterati for the past 10 years. Including the last 6 years where he has overseen every production detail from scheduling jobs to onsite management of the finished product. He developed a sharp eye for detail, honed after 22 years in the paint industry. This gives our homeowners the feeling that their project will be completed to the highest standards. He believes that “the Painterati team will deliver a painting experience second to none.”

Joe is a hard worker who goes above and beyond everyday to bring unmatched value to our customers. He is always willing to give an extra hand when needed and is known for being a jack of all trades. Joe is also a great leader who is well known and respected throughout Painterati's large staff. According to Joe his favorite part about working for Painterati is " Getting to do new projects everyday." He says he also enjoys working with customers to find a design that meets their needs. Here at Painterati we appreciate having workers like Joe. Joe, Joe the Painter, Painter Joe, Joe, Joe Click here to view some of his work. Click here to get inspiration on your next home project. If you are looking to start a home project today and would like to contact us click here.
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