Meet Danielle! Painterati's Project Coordinator


Danielle is the person behind the welcoming, friendly voice you hear when you contact Painterati! She's an important member of our team, scheduling consultations, answering process questions and working with our sales and production teams to make sure the project paperwork is organized & processed and that our clients customer service & communication needs are met. She also happens to have a bubbly personality, a razor sharp wit and usually has us all in stitches with her latest observations and stories.

When she's not entertaining us and helping out with many aspects of our parent company, Brush Masters, she's at home with her military man husband, sweet children and her two pit bull puppies.

We're incredibly lucky to have her skill set, her proclivity for process improvement and her willingness to be of service to all she meets.

Click here for a video introduction to Danielle!

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