Level 4 Garage Door Refinish

Painterati recently did a level 4 refinish on these garage doors, which is a complete garage door refinishing service. Painterati Home Paint & Stain Specialists visited the home, masked off and prepped the area, stripped the old stain from the doors; repaired minor cracks, lightly sanded; applied a color match stain and applied 2 clear coats of maintenance urethane satin finish (typically a two day process). After the last finish coat was dry, the specialists placed a small bead of exterior-grade caulk on the inside surface joints then lightly sanded and repainted any visible exterior door hardware. Now the doors are looking beautiful! Here are the before and after photos: As you can see, there was a lot of fading and wear at the bottom of the doors before the refinish Before Garage Doors Level 4 Garage Door Refinish Click here for more information on the garage door refinishing services that Painterati offers!
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