Kitchen & Lower Level Bar

These homeowners decided to start from scratch in their kitchen. Going from plain tile floors, to beautifully stained wooden floors, the homeowners were able to bring their home to life. The cabinets in the kitchen were painted white to give the kitchen a clean, up-to-date style. In addition to the cabinets, the homeowners decided to replace their formica countertops with new, shiny granite countertops. Before replacing their countertops, the couple decided they wanted more space in between their cabinets and their kitchen island. To make the kitchen more spacious, Painterati enlarged the island giving it a square shape. To complete the kitchen remodel, the homeowners replaced their microwave and dishwasher with new, stainless steel appliances, along with a new stainless steel sink. In addition to their kitchen remodel, the homeowners updated their lower level bar by painting the cabinets black and adding a rub-through specialty finish.
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