Keeping Busy This Week

Keeping Busy This Week!

Another week has flown by, find out what Painterati has been keeping busy with! 7
Change your Bathroom Cabinets!
Fall is the season of change, so why not make a change to your cabinets? A little change can go a long way! Check out our blog to learn about this project. 3
Ideas for your Kitchen Island
The kitchen island is a very important part of your kitchen, so you want it looking its best! Whether you want to add color, design or cabinetry, Painterati can help! Between Light Construction Services and our brilliant painters, we’ve got you covered. Click here to learn about this recent project! on drawers
Tuscany Collection from Top Knobs
Are you looking to update the hardware in your home? Top Knobs has over 3,000 kitchen, bath and closet knobs and drawer pulls to choose from to look great in any home. This week, Painterati has drawn attention to the Tuscany Collection. To learn about this collection, click here!
cashmere paintExpect More from your Paint
Have you ever had a bad experience with a brand of paint? Maybe it left brush marks or appeared uneven on your walls? Well there’s a solution! Cashmere paint has always been known for a smooth and level appearance, giving walls an elegant and silky look. And now, Cashmere is introducing a new pearl finish, designed to add a luxurious pearlescent sheen to walls! Learn more here!
stairs 1Paint your Walls for Fall
It’s amazing how big of a difference a little paint can make. Fall is the season of change, so why not make that color change in your home! Learn more about this project here.
7Becker Kick-Off at Cambria
Painterati is proud to announce that we are now working with Becker Furniture World to bring you everything we possibly can to make your home your favorite place. Painterati and Becker recently had a kick-off at the Cambria Gallery on 7th. Check out the pictures here!
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