How to make your kitchen renovation feel easy

We know that remodels can be overwhelming, but we're here to answer any questions that you may have so that you can actually ENJOY the excitement of your new space! We've outlined everything you need to know to ensure that you're fully prepared to take on this project, and have a full understanding of what the process will look like.


Step 1: Pick all of your paint colors!

We know that this can be an overwhelming part of the process, so we've created a cheat sheet below with our current most popular colors to help you decide. Having all of your paint & stain colors ready in advance will help make sure the project timeline stays on track!

Still looking for more paint ideas? Check out the Top Colors of 2021!

Step 2: Pack up your kitchen!

Take this as an opportunity to clean out those serving platters or match up your Tupperware lids!

Step 3: Clean off your counters!

Remove all appliances like coffee pots, toasters, and unmounted microwaves

Step 4: Remove all furniture and wall hangings

Including barstools, kitchen rugs, and all of those cute kid pictures from your refrigerator!

*If you plan to rehang a picture in the same place, you can leave the nail. If not, please remove the nail which will indicate to our team that they should patch and repaint it.

Step 5: Meal Plan in advance, your kitchen may not be accessible

Please note that refinishing cabinets is a 3-4 week process and will result in your kitchen being non-functioning for 1 week. Yes, you read that correctly and I know what you're thinking..."three to four weeks?!" but we promise, good work takes time! Meal plan in advance or visit some new restaurants you've been wanting to try!

*Depending on the type of paint you're using, we recommend leaving your home during the days Painterati will spray (3-4 days) to limit exposure to the fumes that may be present. Dont forget to make a plan for your pets too!

Order of Operation

Phase 1: Prep workspace and remove cabinet faces

Our crew will get the work station prepped and draped, and will work to remove all drawer fronts & cabinet doors. The doors and drawers will be sent to our shop or made to order and delivered to our shop for the enameling process - this will take 14-21 days.

To view replacement door & drawer options, click here

*If you are updating your kitchen hardware, we'll need to know that by this time in order to prepare your cabinet doors correctly.

Phase 2: Paint

Painting will be done in the following order (as applies to your project)

  1. Wood Work
    - Trim
    - Cabinets
    - Window Trim
    - Doors
  2. Walls
  3. Ceilings

*Your paint order will be split between the crews working at your house and the shop, that ensures that the exact batch of paint is used on all of your materials!

Phase 3: Hardware & Finishes

As the project is wrapping up, your cabinet profiles will be installed and cabinet handles/hardware can be added to fill existing hardware holes and re-drilled if you're wanting to adjust the size or location. Hardware to be provided by the homeowner.

Phase 4: Finishing Touches

The total curing time takes 14-18 days to achieve a fully hardened product and we request that you don't fully place items on your bookshelves or interiors until this time has passed.

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