Glazes and Specialty Finishes

Glazes & Specialty Finishes


Adding a glaze or a specialty finish to a kitchen cabinet can gives you the power to truly customize your kitchen. Whether you want a flat paint finish or a rustic vintage looking finish these glazes and finishes will help you create your dream kitchen.

Rub Through

To create an aged look on your cabinets the rub-through accent involved sanding random edges of the cabinet before completing the look with a clear protecting coat. There are a variety of rub-through levels ranging from light to heavy. This technique can be done on all cabinets, or be used as an accent to your kitchen island.
The picture below represents a light rub through.
rubthrough finish


“Glazing” is a technique that is used to highlight the cabinet’s natural finishes along with creating a unique, multi-dimensional look to the finish. This effect is created by rubbing the glaze onto the wood by hand to highlight the natural grain. Another glazing option is to fill in the groves and edges within the wood panel to create a smooth, faux wood look. Like the rub-through technique, glazing also has a variety of finishing levels ranging from light to heavy.
The oak cabinet below was repainted using the White Enamel color with a medium-level glaze finish.

white enamel - cropped

Solid/Flat Paint

A solid/flat paint finish is a simple and standard finish. Whether you want to paint new cabinets, or repaint existing cabinets to give them a fresh and modern look, a new coat of paint is an easy solution. You can either paint your cabinets to show off your wood's natural grain, or use a paint that fills in the natural wooden groves to produce a smooth finish.
The cabinet below used a paint that would fill in the natural ridges in the wood giving the cabinet a more modern look.


Combining the glazing effect and the rub-through technique you can produce an antiqued look that will match perfectly in a Tuscan, Farmhouse, or Cottage styled home. Adding imperfections to a rustic styled cabinet, such as dents, worm holes, and chisel marks, can create a more distressed, antiqued look.
For more information on Glazes and Specialty Finishes, go to our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing page or schedule a free consultation.
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