Front Door Restoration - From Peeling Paint to Stately Stain

When a front door is this interesting, you want to preserve it...front door restoration here we come. Years of exposure had led to peeling paint and some deterioration of the wood near the ground. Our team expertly stripped the layers of paint, filled in any damaged areas and stained the door a beautiful chestnut tone, which is the perfect accent to the new, warmer exterior colors. Original hardware adds the the stately balance this exterior design needs.

Restoration is an easy and cost effective way to keep your favorite front door. It is a process that takes some time and will need to be painted off site to to ensure there are no errors or intervening factors in the process. Although we have to take the door offsite to our shop to sand, prime, paint, and dry the door multiple times before it is in good condition and ready to be installed into you home. You will get to keep your unique door and with restoration it will look as good if not better than when you first bought it.

Our trusted restoration process has been tested time and time again to ensure that the restoration is long lasting and durable, We have team members who specialize in our restoration process to guarantee your door is restored properly without damaging it.

Front Door Restoration



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