Exterior Paint Color Collection

Is your house exterior looking a little tired and worn out? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your curb appeal and the overall value of your home, but choosing the right colors can be overwhelming.

We understand! That's why we created our Exterior Paint Color Collection 1, a downloadable guide featuring 5 stunning color palettes that will give your home an instant refresh.

In this collection, you'll find expertly curated color combinations that complement a variety of architectural styles. Whether you prefer a classic and timeless look or a more modern and trendy vibe, we have a palette for you.

So, ditch the decision fatigue and download your free Exterior Paint Color Collection 1 today! It's the perfect way to get inspired and find the perfect color combination to transform your home's exterior.

Calm & Curious

Slate Tile offers a rich, stately presence with its deep, nuanced blue-gray, perfect for main walls to convey a sense of dignified sophistication. This color’s grounding effect is brilliantly offset by the crisp, clean lines that

Pure White trim brings, highlighting architectural elements and providing a sharp, polished contrast that enhances the home’s overall stature.

The introduction of Cheerful for the front door acts as an inviting beacon; its lively, bright hue welcomes guests with open arms and hints at a playful, spirited interior life.


Dark & Moody

The deep, rich gray of Peppercorn envelops exterior walls in sophistication, its smoky undertones providing a contemporary yet timeless backdrop that exudes confidence and elegance.

Complementing this with Iron Ore, a slightly darker shade, for the trim, adds an extra layer of depth and definition, enhancing architectural features with its strong presence without overpowering the main color theme.

The choice of Positive Red for the front door cuts through the monochrome palette with a burst of energy and vibrancy, offering a welcoming entrance that’s both exciting and comforting.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore and Peppercorn Exterior Paint Colors 

Bright & White

Pure White as the primary wall color establishes a bright, open canvas, reflecting natural light and enhancing the sense of space within the home.

This is complemented by the slightly warmer, nuanced tones of Origami White for the trim, adding depth and dimension without overwhelming the senses, ensuring each room flows seamlessly into the next.

The decision to accentuate the entrance with Georgian Bay introduces an element of refined elegance; this rich, inviting shade makes a memorable statement, welcoming guests with its timeless beauty and hinting at the homeowner’s appreciation for classic, yet bold design choices.

 Sherwin Williams Origami White Exterior Paint Colors

Bold & Beautiful

The warm, welcoming depth of Cottage Red embodies a classic elegance that is both timeless and inviting, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere in living spaces.

Paired with the soft, soothing neutrality of Elmira White, it establishes a balanced backdrop that highlights architectural details and brightens interiors, infusing them with a serene, airy quality.

The bold pop of Teal on the front door serves as a stunning focal point, offering a splash of modernity and freshness that signifies creativity and individuality.


Nice & Neutral

The deep, earthy grey-brown of  Spanish Moss invites tranquility and a grounding connection to nature, making it perfect to welcome you home.

Limestone, with its soft, neutral hue, brings a sense of freshness and purity, opening up spaces with its airy lightness and setting a versatile foundation for personal style to emerge.

Everlasting Sage, a muted green with sophisticated grey undertones, fosters an environment of renewal and balance, stimulating creativity and conversation.

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