Don't Settle, Add Some Yellow

Don't Settle, Add Some YELLOW!

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The color yellow has the power to make a room feel more welcoming and comforting, however, in large amounts this cheerful color can instead create feelings of frustration and anger. To prevent these unwanted feelings, make yellow a secondary or accent color in your room. Deciding what shade of yellow to use is another big factor when adding yellow to a room. To give a room a more relaxed feel, use an earthy, yellow color. To make a room feel more sophisticated, use a deep yellow color, accented with gray and white shades. In rooms like kitchens and dining rooms, use a golden, honey yellow with lots of natural wood to create a hospitable room. From front doors, to kitchen cabinets, here are some ways to add yellow in your home with Painterati’s Color of the Week.

Benjamin Moore's Fiesta Yellow

Farmhouse Kitchen by Sharon Interior Designers & Decorators Heidz Hendricks
Farmhouse Kitchen by Sharon Interior Designers & Decorators Heidz Hendricks

From bananas to cheese to yellow coffee mugs, yellow is perfect for any kitchen! This kitchen has such a happy and cheerful feeling to it. From the minute you wake up to make your cup of coffee to grabbing a midnight snack, you will instantly feel a little happier just by walking into this room.

Benjamin Moore's Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow Bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom by Scarsdale Interior Designers & Decorators

The light blue and yellow make a bright and happy environment. Don't believe me? Just look at the pillow on the bed. "HAPPY!"

Benjamin Moore's Sunbeam Yellow

Contemporary Living Room by East Hanover Lighting
Contemporary Living Room by East Hanover Lighting

The purple and yellow complement each other perfectly. Between the soft purple and yellow colors and the white ceiling and pillars, the room comes together as one.



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