Colors We Are Rolling This Week

We've been rolling some fun colors this week. Caribbean Coral, Waterloo and Magnetic Gray. 

Color Breakdown:

Caribbean Coral by Sherwin Williams

A captivating blend of vibrancy and warmth, embodying the serene yet spirited essence of tropical shores.

This color marries the vivacious energy of coral pinks with softened, sun-kissed undertones, resulting in a hue that's both lively and soothing. In any space, Caribbean Coral stands as a celebration of light and life, infusing rooms with an inviting, upbeat ambiance. It’s particularly adept at bringing a fresh, revitalizing aesthetic to spaces, evoking the euphoria of a tropical escape. Ideal for creating a focal point, this color harmonizes beautifully with neutral tones and natural textures, offering a balanced yet spirited aesthetic. It’s a testament to the transformative power of color, where the exotic and the tranquil coalesce into a singular, mesmerizing hue.

Sherwin Williams Waterloo

A rich, resonant shade that captures the enigmatic beauty of deep blues intertwined with subtle, smoky undertones.

It embodies a sense of depth and sophistication, evoking the quiet strength of a stormy sea and the serene majesty of twilight skies. Waterloo serves as a beautiful backdrop that adds a touch of elegance and introspection to any space, providing a nuanced palette that inspires creativity and reflection. It pairs wonderfully with both bold and muted hues, offering a versatile canvas that accommodates a wide range of complementary colors and decor styles. When graced by natural light, Waterloo comes alive, revealing its multifaceted personality - equally commanding and contemplative, making any room feel both grounded and expansive.

Sherwin Williams Magnetic Gray

a nuanced, sophisticated shade that exudes an aura of understated elegance.

This color dances between the clarity of gray and the warmth of soft taupe, offering a harmonious blend that is both grounding and uplifting. It provides a serene yet inviting atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space it graces. Magnetic Gray’s versatile nature makes it a perfect companion for a variety of decor styles, effortlessly bridging classic and contemporary designs. It also plays a gracious host to a spectrum of accent colors, from the vibrant and bold to the calm and neutral. In the presence of natural light, this color unveils subtle undertones that add depth and dimension, cementing its place as a timeless, adaptable choice for those looking to imbue their spaces with a sense of calm, class, and refinement.

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