2019 Colors of the Year!

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for paint colors! Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and many other paint manufacturers select their Color of the Year (COTY) based on global trends. Here in the midwest, color trends are a bit slower to arrive, which can be an advantage when you're selecting colors for your home - nothing like a sneak peak of what's coming up! Before we jump to the 2019 colors, it's helpful to review previous year's colors as it helps put some context on the trends in our area.

2016 Colors of the Year

Let's start with 2016, since it is still relevant in what's happening here in Minnesota. Ben Moore noted OC-117 "Simply White" and Sherwin Williams selected 7008 "Alabaster" as their 2016 COTY. Crisp, clean all white reflected the strength of Modern Design. The Modern Design movement began popping up here in 2016 in high end new construction. It moved into residential remodeling as a welcome refresh to cabinets and millwork. Updating kitchen cabinets to a clean white is a trend that still going strong with no sign of slowing down. White walls, however, have quickly faded as we prefer warmer colors on our walls, perhaps feeling we have enough white outside during our l-o-n-g winters.

2017 Colors of the Year

Moving to 2017, Sherwin Williams noted 6039 "Poised Taupe" as their COTY, describing it as a modern neutral, shifting away from the dominant grays. Ben Moore selected 2117-30 "Shadow" a rich, royal amethyst as their color signaling a trend toward dramatic accents. While warmer neutrals are definitely here, they are much more muted to suit our midwestern palette. Tans & softer taupes are appearing on walls and cabinetry along with classic grays. The dark "Shadow" color has just a bit too much color to appear here on walls & woodwork, but black and very dark grays as accents in walls and cabinets have popped up as a perfect stand in for the idea.

2018 Colors of the Year

In 2018, Ben Moore shifted to a dramatic red, AF-290 "Caliente". This color appears as an accent - think red front door on a white house, or an accent wall in a modern design. It also seems to be a perennial favorite for teen boys' rooms, although most parents opt for "just one accent wall, for the love." Sherwin Williams also went spicy, but in a bright blue 6496 "Oceanside Blue". Again, this is an accent color, but it's much more welcome on cabinetry. Blue kitchen islands and bathroom vanities is a strong trend that will be here for quite a while. Both of these colors are going strong in new construction here, often paired modern design where white walls are still a thing, but these brighter colors will be making their way into home remodels in the next year in the form of home furnishing accents.

2019 Colors of the Year

Which brings us to 2019's Colors of the Year: Ben Moore's AF-690 "Metropolitan" and Sherwin's 7701 "Cavern Clay". Let's start with Sherwin...their COTY is a nod to southwestern motifs and touches on a global/tribal color trend. This tone has been present in a stronger orange & red colors as an accent to black and white modern design. It's tamed down nature pairs nicely with tans & denims and might be easily adopted in the midwest as an accent wall or whole room. It will certainly be making it's way into our homes via interior furnishings. Ben Moore's "Metropolitan" was a surprise in a way as the trend has been moving away from cooler grays. However, it does speak to the massive metallic movement we're seeing. And it is a neutral, a bit of color without being overwhelming that compliments the neutral colors in the 2019 palette. Overall the color collections from both Sherwin and Ben Moore for 2019 are much more softened, which play nicely with the still lingering Scandinavian & Mid-Century Modern trends, the upcoming southwestern edge and the rich blues and greens we're seeing as accents on furnishings and cabinetry. Click here to see the entire Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast 2019 Click here to see the entire Ben Moore 2019 Color Trends Palette. If you're ready to bring new color to your home, give us a call! We'd love to get started on updating your spaces!
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