Painterati now offers Cambria!

Cambria Painterati wants to help advise customers on the right countertop choice for them, and for many it may be Cambria. These countertops are a fine quartz that is durable, maintenance-free and made with only the best pure, white crystals. Cambria is a family owned company and all products are made right here in the USA! Painterati is proud to support this local business and share with everyone the great quality and unique designs these fine countertops are available in. Painterati team members are extensively trained on Cambria products and have experienced the quality of these products first hand. With over 100 designs and 14 edge profiles to choose from, Cambria has something that will fit your lifestyle beautifully! Even if Cambria quartz surfaces aren't the right choice for you, Painterati is happy to go through any options and help advise you on the right choice. There are so many options out there, and Painterati would love to help make sure you are getting exactly what fits you and your home! Whether it be quartz, granite, marble, or anything else, Painterati sales consultants are here to help. Visit our Countertop page to learn more!
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