Blues & Other Hues

BLUES & Other Hues

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Blues & Other Hues Have you considered adding Blues & Other Hues to your home? Adding colorful interiors can be overwhelming, but limiting the color to a single accent wall or to room accessories, such as pillows and chairs, is a good way to incorporate the color without becoming too overwhelmed. Using a colorful wall as an accent, or focal point, in a room is a good way to decorate the room, while keeping the color scheme consistent with the home. Using darker shades of blue is a great way to sooth off-white accents. A darker blue can also enrich a room when paired with dark wood flooring or furnishings. Designing a room with darker shades of blue can be a challenge since too much blue can cause a room to feel dark and crowded. One way to prevent a room from feeling dark and crowded is to pair the darker shades with lighter hues to create a more welcoming and inviting space. Here are some examples of ways to incorporate blue into your home! Home Office by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. Landscape by Conte & Conte, LLC Contemporary Kitchen by Gacek Design Group, Inc.


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