Is Your Mudroom Ready For The BACK TO SCHOOL Season?

It's That Time Of Year...


It's only the beginning of August, but we all know that in a blink of an eye, school will be back in session. With all the chaos that comes with a new school year, its important to be organized and prepared for whatever life throws at you, or your home. Whether you have an entryway, or a mudroom, this space in your home works overtime as it holds backpacks, sports equipment, shoes, and lunch boxes. To keep your home feeling like a home, rather than a locker room, it's important to keep your entry and mudroom space organized and equipped with the right tools and features.


Add hangers to your entryway or mudroom to keep backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets off the floor. Keeping your space clean and organized allows you to better utilize the space and makes it easier for you to find the little things that would normally be "lost." Go a step further and add built-in lockers or cubbies to your mudroom or entryway. Even if you don't have kids, this is a great option to keep everything organized and off the floor.


Keep things hidden by installing doors or cabinets to your lockers and cubbies. If you are limited on space, add a bench that flips up for extra hidden storage.


Add shelves to your walls for easy access to everyday items. To keep your shelves neat and organized, add storage bins or baskets to store items like mittens, socks, or toys.


Add some charm to your mudroom or entryway by adding a mirror to your wall. A mirror allows you to check your hair before racing off to work, or for your kids to make sure there is not leftover breakfast foods on their face before heading to the bus stop.


Add a message board to remind the kids to do their homework and walk the dog, or add a calendar to remind everybody about weekly activities, practices, or daily chores. Go a step further and add chalkboard paint to a wall! Write messages to friends and family, or just daily reminders that can be erased at the end of the day.


Satisfied with your mudroom or entryway? Maybe it just needs a new coat of paint to start off the school year! Get creative and paint your lockers or cabinets a different color for the fall season. Learn about the current fall color trends that would look great in your home.

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