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From contemporary to traditional, there are many different styles of cabinets to choose from. Choosing the right stye of cabinetry can be difficult task based on the many variables that go into a cabinet door. Deciding your budget is the first step when picking out your cabinetry. Knowing your budget will guide you when selecting the style, the wood species, the stain or paint color, and the hardware for your cabinetry. Another concept that will guide you when selecting your cabinets, is the functionality of your cabinetry. Where will your cabinets be installed? Your kitchen cabinets, for example, will have a different functionality than the cabinets in your bathrooms or your basement. Check out the next six cabinet styles to determine which style works best for your home.


The shaker-stye cabinet doors is the most common door style in homes today. These cabinets have a plain and practical square design that can match any style of home from contemporary to traditional. This style of cabinetry is made up of five different parts--the frame making up four parts, and the flat center piece makes up for the fifth part. Despite the many parts this door requires, it can work with a variety of budgets, depending on the wood used.


The louvered-style cabinet doors are made up of horizontal wood slates that are typically used on windows or furniture pieces. This pricey, yet functional, stye of cabinetry can add a distinct architectural affect to any room. These cabinets offer ventilation which make this style ideal in laundry rooms, media rooms, and kitchens. In laundry rooms, these cabinets can act as dedicated drying cabinets for clothes. For media rooms, this style of cabinetry prevent cable boxes, DVD players, and game systems from overheating by allowing hot air to leave the cabinets. Kitchens are not usually the first option for the type of cabinetry, however, having this style of cabinetry in a kitchen allows air to leave the cabinets hindering mold from forming.


The flat-panel cabinets are simple, sleek, and stylish without the stylish price tag. Its hard lines and minimalist form make it perfect in contemporary and modern interiors. For this style of cabinetry can be built with decorative laminate or natural wood. Laminate, being the more budget-friendly of the two types, offers a greater variety of colors and sheens than wood can.


The inset-style cabinet door gets its name because it is set inside of the cabinet frame--a typical cabinet for rests outside of the frame. This expensive, yet timeless, cabinet type is constructed with extremely precise measurements so that the center piece sits into the frame allowing it to open and close properly. Another aspect to consider when deciding which cabinet works best for your home, is whether the hingers are exposed or not. Inset cabinets usually require exposed hinges which is an additional cost associated with this cabinet style.


The distressed-style cabinet brings an old-world, vintage look to your home. Add worm holes, dents, scratches, and other distressed finishing features to bring the look to life. Depending on how distressed the cabinets are, they can be found in cottage, traditional, and tuscan style homes.


The beadboard-style cabinet is a perfect fit for cottage and farmhouse style homes. For this style of cabinetry, the beadboard is the center panel of the cabinet, while the boarding panel remains normal. In the past, beadboard has been used as a decorative wall treatment, but now you can add this traditional cottage-look to your cabinets.
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