Woodwork and Wall Color Home Refresh

Our clients love their home & neighborhood, but weren't in love with their dated enamel woodwork color. The asked our team to update their base & casing, doors and windows with a clean & bright white enamel. The result is spectacular! Light, modern, sun-filled spaces with the perfect set of matching feature walls at the stairway and the fireplace. The feature walls are a soft-troweled matte metallic plaster that accent the updated neutral wall color. Lovely! We suggested using a white enamel on woodwork as it ages well. It has also been known to handle life's everyday wear and tear. For painting jobs like this we typically removed whatever items that need to be painted that we can and bring them to our workshop. Once at our workshop we will spend days sanding, priming, and painting the items before installing them back into your space. We choose to do it this way as it ensures that there are no disruption in our enameling process. It also is easier on the homeowner as it prevents us from having to spray in their home leaving fumes for a few days.

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